Festive Christmas Nails at an Affordable Alternative Nail Salon in Hong Kong

Festive Christmas Nails at an Affordable Alternative Nail Salon in Hong Kong

With Christmas celebrations just around the corner, and lots of Christmas shopping, many of us would be saving up for presents, since I’ve always wanted to compare the high-end nail salons with other cheaper alternatives in Hong Kong, what’s a better time to check out the nail salons in Ginza Mall Causeway Bay? I’ve personally gone twice to check out their ‘QQ gels’ (what they call – soft gels) and I must say I was wow-ed.

I’m those girls that always pack their schedule to the fullest, staying up till the early hours to catch up on social media, staying late at work and rushing to dinner or drinks with friends, these are somewhat the norm for me. Here they provide such fast manicures that even a lunch-time manicure is possible!

The first time I walked down to the basement of Ginza, I saw many small and I must say – not very tidy shops, the basement tends to be super busy, crowded (if you go after work) and not as comfortable as other high-end nail salons. But why would I be recommending you to go, you ask?

Alove Square 戀甲坊

Alove Square is located straight up from the entrance of Ginza Mall, this is incredibly hard to miss. Here they have around 4-5 girls helping to remove gel nails, buff and provide a basic manicure, and soft gel application.  The whole process is… Fast and Efficient.  If you’re going for a simple colour, the price is fixed at $170. Cheap, eh?

The place itself does not have special interiors or big plushy chairs, everything here is basic and minimal, but I was drawn to how efficient and cheap their services are, definitely worth trying out especially when you’re in a rush to attend a party around the area.

The first time I went, for I usually opt for a minimal design, I asked to have white gels and little studs and the manicurist – Amy, did a really nice job. For this I paid $150 (trial price) and $5 each for the studs – so a total of $200.




So the nails pretty much lasted a week before minor chips start to form.  It would generally last a lot longer on most people but because I bake and I go horse riding, soft gels generally only last ten days max before I have to get them refreshed.

Whilst Amy was putting the studs on, I noticed that Jacky – one of the male manicurist, is ridiculously talented in drawing patterns.  He was doing nails for another girl next to me and I’ve made a mental note that I need to come back next time to try out his nail-art.

So I did last night and went in with a design in mind, it took us some time to find the right shade of dark plum red that I wanted for Christmas, this is shade 324 if you’re interested,  but Jacky was indeed amazing at drawing these golden string of tiny Christmas trees on.

The price for this manicure was $280.



The cons of this place:  it bothers me a bit  they buff your soft-gel nails off instead of soaking them off in order to save time.  I definitely prefer the soaking and scraping off method instead of buffing as I keep thinking this would harm the cuticles in the long term.

But overall, with the price and their service, I’m very happy with both of my manicures this month, I just know I will be popping back soon for another quick fix.  And I’ll be trying out my friend’s recommendation at Ginza Mall some time next month so please stay tuned!

Be sure to book in advance if you don’t want to wait during the holidays! And definitely get in touch with Jacky if you want specific nail art designs.

Price: $150 (Trial) Soft Gel Manicure; $170 Normal Single Colour Soft Gel Manicure;  Soft Gel with nail art designs (varies but maximum: $350)

Location: Shop No.53 and 69,  Basement, Ginza Mall, 509 Jaffe Road, Hong Kong

Contact: Jacky – 56277960 

Do you guys have any recommendations that you personally love? Comment below to let me know!

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