High End, Luxury Places to get your hands pampered in Hong Kong

High End, Luxury Places to get your hands pampered in Hong Kong

I’ve always been fussy about nails.  It could have been the numerous times I’ve sat next to my mom in her usual nail salon quietly waiting for her gel nails to be done or it could have been my passion to design my own nails at boarding school as a way to relieve stress.

Either way, nail art has become an essential in life for me.

Although I absolutely love designing my own nails and sitting hours in front of my laptop with TV shows on and painting layer after layer and drawing patterns after patterns; from time to time I do like to visit a nail salon to be pampered.  I mean, who doesnt like to just sit there for an hour blanking out or simply chatting away with your manicurist?

Since I relocated back to Hong Kong and have started working, I find it incredibly hard to do my own nails after a whole day of work.  Instead of relieving stress by doing my own nails with the old-fashioned polish, I’ve made it my life mission to try as many nail salons as possible in my hometown.


This really goes without saying. Eighty-Eight has risen to one of the top-notch nail salon this year for models, bloggers and many style influencers.  With their professional nail artist and first class service, you really get the whole package for what you pay for.  I booked an appointment initially after seeing their instagram posts and wanted to treat myself for my birthday.

I was greeted by my nail artist – Wing and was ushered into a little private area,  I plushed down into a super chic yet comfortable leather seats, it was like I could really wind down and relax.  The Salon’s interior design is breathtaking, with black and white toned everywhere and nail polishes neatly lined up on the walls, Eighty-Eight really puts the whole experience together.

I’ve always wanted to try a different colour french tip, but I was also having trouble making up my mind on what I’d like. Wing was very patient and walked me through my thoughts and we managed to come up with this!

Overall, the experience was one of the nicest I have ever experienced, and I would rate my whole experience there a definite five-star.  The prices vary slightly depending on how much these nailarts are drawn on, for more information please look onto their facebook site!

Price: $800-1000 Soft Gel Manicure and Design

Location: G/F & 1/F, 53 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong

Canary Nail


This little comfortable place is tucked away in M88 building in the heart of Central. Perfect location for having a quick manicure before a night out in the good old Lan Kwai Fong.

This petite cozy den is Japanese owned and I think she hires quite a lot of Japanese Manicurists and her styles are mostly minimalist and chic, for me that’s exactly what I usually go for.  I opted to go for Marble Nails and the manicure itself was sooooooo relaxing.  The price is somewhat average for the services you get, the place is very clean, comfortable and the manicurists are all very professional.  For a price around $500, it gets you an amazing and quiet hour to chill out.

This place also offers Eyelash extension services and if I get mine done here I will definitely let you all know how it goes!

Price: Soft Gel Manicure $450, $20 for NailArt per nail

Location: M88, Rm02, 14/F, Wellington Place, 2-8 Wellington Street, Central, Central

Where do you guys go to get your nails done in Hong Kong? I would love to hear all your recommendations!




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