Get your Seafood Fix at Fishsteria Wanchai

Get your Seafood Fix at Fishsteria Wanchai

thumb_P4140901_1024What’s better to end your day with some $10 Fine de Claire oysters in a chill nautical-themed bar? 

I’ve walked past Fishsteria many many times and every time I pass by, I make a mental note that I absolutely need to check it out. As a seafood lover, I often find myself splurging at a seafood restaurant, I would order dozens of oysters, lobster bisque, scallops, tiger prawns, you name it I’ll have it.  So I jumped at the chance of $10 oysters happy hour promotion at Fishsteria, what’s a better way to end a Thursday work day with a great deal and some yummy seafood for dinner?



Fishsteria is a nautical-themed restaurant opened by Chef Gianni Caprioli, the man behind the casual eatery Eat.It in Causeway Bay and former executive chef of Isola. The bar area of the restaurant has chill, cool vibe, with rich olive-tones and low lighting, with some comfortable seats on one side opposite the bar table, we were seated at the bar to have some drinks and oysters before our meal.


I actually opted for a beer (or three), but I’ve managed to try two of their cocktails that my friends ordered! First up is a Tanqueray-gin based, minty, light and refreshing cocktail -Fishsteria Spiritz (Apologies if I got the name wrong, I have somehow managed to lose all my notes for the night). I think out of all the drinks we ordered that night, this is by far the winner and everyone’s favourite.


The Berry Smash is a whiskey-based cocktail.  The presentation, especially the hemispheric ice on top is spectacular, however I personally find  the taste of the smashed berries a little like cough medicine, maybe because they have smashed fresh berries with preserved cherries? I’m not so sure, but overall this drink was a let-down.


Service throughout happy hour at the bar was spectacular, bartenders were very eager to introduce us drinks whilst we waited for our oysters, then we were led downstairs to the dining room.  It’s a very spacious lounge filled with a minimalist vibe, like much less formal family style dining room, with ample space for big tables and seats where customers can sit back and enjoy a glass of wine.


Marinated Venetian Soar Sardines (Ratings: 2/5)

We started off with this Marinated Venetian Sardines, which costs $98 for three pieces, I find the sauce itself a bit too salty and overpowering, may not be the perfect starter, next time I would definitely try something else.


Linguini with Sea Urchin, Scallop and Seaweed (Ratings: 3.5/5)

For our mains, the Sea Urchin Linguini with scallop was absolutely delightful to taste.  The Linguini was cooked al dante with a strong seafood bisque as base, we rated it a 3.5/5, although there isn’t much of a strong sea urchin taste in the pasta, I have really enjoyed myself devouring this.


Crab Meat and Prawn Fregola (Ratings: 3.5/5)

The Crab Meat and Prawn Fregola ($278) was beautifully cooked, retained its unique nutty flavour and mottled texture, and bursts with crab-meat flavour when you chew. Simple, yet delicious, definitely something to order if you want something light as your main dish.


Next up was something I’ve anticipated for for the entire night – The Giant Macaroni Lobster with Tomato Sauce. ($588), the waiter recommended us to go for the large portion as we have 5 people to share between (which costs $928).


Giant Macaroni Lobster (Ratings: 4/5)

It was an absolutely divine and exceptional dish.  The Lobster was cooked tender, sauce was a nice touch but nothing too fancy, they opted for a rich tomato sauce, their macaroni was cooked beautifully al dante, although I find the portion a bit too big after our two pasta mains, I think this might have been the best dish served at this restaurant, definitely worth a 4/5 rating!!


There’s still one week left of April and I suggest you all go and try the Happy Hour $10 oyster deal from 5-7:30 every night this month, if you miss out on that, don’t worry they also do a 10:30-midnight $10 oyster deal every Thursday to Saturday, perfect for a snack after happy hour drinks in Wanchai!



G/F & 1/F
111 Queen’s Road East
Wan Chai Hong Kong




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