What I use to Rejuvenate Tired Skin – Elemis Review

What I use to Rejuvenate Tired Skin – Elemis Review

P6020569 (1).jpgSummer’s here in Hong Kong, and obviously we spend more time outdoors in the sun, and definitely party later into the nights.  Some people may think that summer days are when you put less products on your face, unlike in winters when your skin feels too dry.  I personally find that summer nights are the nights when I need to put more effort in my skin care routine.  With the longer days, it’s easy for you to skip on sleep, and stay out longer the night before, when you get home you’ll be too tired to even put on a hydrating mask before you sleep.


Lately with my stress levels being sky-high, my skin was of course suffering.  So here’s when I fell in love with the  Elemis Recovery Skin Bliss Capsules


a little something about the product:

Opening this box of gem, you’ll see some pink capsules – for morning which contains a blend of Rose Absolute and Moringa Oil; and green capsules – for evening, and contains a blend of lavender essential oils and Moringa Oil.


Moringa Oil has unique anti-ageing properties, and it’s never too late to start using these products to act as a supplement or repair your skin during stressful days.  The anti-oxidants counteract the damaging effects of pollution by detoxing the network of skin cells and removing the harmful toxins. I find this product works particularly well when my skin is stressed, dry and maybe flaky from the environment or mental stress, it provided my skin a great detox over the few weeks I’ve been using it.  I’ve only been using it every other day and it has already repaired my dry skin to be much smoother and hydrated during the day and  much more radiant.


Putting oils onto your face may not be the first thing that pops into your mind in the summer, however if you don’t moisturise after cleansing, your skin will start to over-produce oil and clog up pores, I had to learn this the hard way a few years back when I used to simply wash my face and never moisturise before applying makeup.  It took me a long time to find the products that work with my sensitive skin (and somewhat dry) ever since I came back to Hong Kong.

P6020565 (1).jpg

Alongside with the skin bliss capsules, I’ve also been using the Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream.

When I feel my skin is in desperate need to be rejuvenated, I would properly cleanse and scrub my face with my Foreo Luna, apply some toner, then move onto the Skin Bliss capsules (green at night, pink in the morning) then apply this cream as a moisturiser.  I have had a lot of favourites when it comes to moisturisers, this one has easily moved itself up to the top.  My skin a month ago was at its all-time low, within a short two weeks, it has completely repaired the dry flaky areas around my nose, and improve the firmness and hydration of my skin.  These two products are more on the luxury-end, but I do believe these are worth saving the pennies for!




A little information on the Pro-Collagen Marine cream: 

This moisturiser has three key ingredients: Rose as its natural fragrance is calming and also nurturing; Padina Pavonica – which is a Mediterranean algae and has anti-ageing properties, it helps by stimulating the synthesis of glycosaminoglycans, which in turn helps to moisturise and improve the elasticity of the skin. The smell of the cream is also quite soothing and natural, with no extra added fragrance.



Leave comments below if you would be interested in reading about my skincare routine, and let me know about products that you love!





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