Taking your taste palettes into the wilderness: Introducting The Mushroom Bourbon

Taking your taste palettes into the wilderness: Introducting The Mushroom Bourbon

Earth (Photo credits to Frederick Ma)

Porcini Mushrooms. When I mention that, we all immediately think of risottos and stews. These delicate and perishable mushrooms are a rich addition to everything, from topping up on some simple pasta, to master class of culinary art. Frederick, the mixologist at The Woods, made good use of the damp, earthy scent of these Porcini Mushrooms, along with the Bulleit Bourbon, created Earth, also named Mushroom Bourbon.


Fred’s attention to detail provides a platform in infusing different aromas and layering up on taste palettes, taking you to a new level of culinary art in mixology. He is, in no doubt, our pride in Hong Kong, having been the Finalist representing Hong Kong in the Diageo World Class competition, the first Runner Up of London No.1 and Tio Pepe Competition, and was also Global Top 5 of  the Monin Cup World Final Competition in Asia Pacific,  he is inarguably beyond talented when it comes to creating seasonal drinks, and this year he has submitted Earth to the World Class Cocktails competition.


Earth, is a Bulleit Bourbon Whiskey based cocktail infused with French Oak and Porcini mushrooms.  This cocktail awakens your palettes to the subtlety and complexity that comes from the Whiskey, Maple Syrup and artichoke cynar.

Before taking a sip of this cocktail, you’ll notice the strong aromas enriched with mushrooms and oak clinging onto your nostrils, along with some gentle earthy scent. The cocktail itself is very well presented with a deep amber colour. In short, I would say its like a Whiskey Sour with strong oak aromas and hints of mushrooms, perfect for summer with a light and refreshing touch.

While tasting this beautiful drink, you’ll find the rich maple and chocolate flavours layering and exploding our taste palettes, it then finishes off with a long, dry satiny finish and a hint of toffee as its after-taste.


I highly recommend you all to stop by The Woods this weekend to give it a try!  For ladies who may not be a whiskey person (like me), this certainly will blow your mind.


If you want to know more about the drink or the competition, please check out Fred’s Instagram here!


Catch you all later!

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