Gettin’ Drunk at Taste of Hong Kong

Gettin’ Drunk at Taste of Hong Kong

Posting just about the food at Taste of Hong Kong was not enough! As many of you may know, I am a big fan of creative and inspirational cocktails, it is just fascinating to listen to mixologists talk about how they got inspired, how and why they use certain kinds of liquors, and why they chose to pair with what market-fresh ingredients, and out of all, I love to see their eyes glistened while they talk me through each drink.  It might be a personal obsession that I love about hearing how a person got to love something, but in mixology, each drink has their own story, and while you’re sipping the beautiful cocktails, and tasting the layers of flavours, it’s like you’re learning about someone, and learning about how one simple ingredient can affect the entire drink.

IMG_3309The Woods transformed into The Lodge, in collaboration with Brand Connect, here at Taste of Hong Kong. The decor of booth reminds me of cozy cabins near skiing trails, and definitely sets the mood for sophisticated conversations about whiskeys and gins. (yes we had a very intellectual conversation on G’vine, one of my favourite gin, with the Brand Connect Representative and my friend Jones)

And isn’t it just great that the Lodge was serving complimentary s’mores on the unusually cold day in March? Here, Bel  was preparing some s’mores for us shivering piggies.




So why do I like G’vines, you ask? Well I’ve only started to like Gin around two years ago, it may be the old man taste buds kicking in, or that I have finally grown up from just wines and tequila.  G’vine was the first ever gin that I find myself really craving for. Originated from the French Cognac region, it’s distilled using neutral grape spirits and fresh whole-fruits botanicals. The names G’vine Floraison and Nouaison emphasises the character of vine flower, which blossoms once a year in mid-June, a few days before the birth of the grape berry.  Floraison is named from the lush period of the new beginnings, hence the G’vine Floraison has a vibrant floral notes bursting through; whilst the G’vine Nouaison is named after the vibrant period following the vine blossom, Nouaison actually means ‘the setting’ in French, and the G’vine Nouaison has a subtle floral and is basically a muted variation of the Floraison, with subtle floral, warm citrus notes.


Poddington Pea (Rating: 4/5)

With that, I of course picked the Poddington Pea off the cocktail list, this is a G’vine Nouaison based cocktail, which I believe was made with blended snow peas with green chatreuse, green apple juice and lemon juice, with some terragon and pea sprouts and was topped off with some egg whites.  This is no joke when I said it is like a green pea smoothie, which in my opinion actually tastes super refreshing with a subtle muted floral base gin, topped with the egg whites makes not only the presentation but a very smooth start to the drink. I can’t wait for it to be introduced onto the menu (which I’m not sure if it’s happening but sure hopes it will!)


With the Fam Bam. (where was michy?)


Aside from The Lodge, we also tried out some of the local beers from Hong Kong – The Moonzen Brewery.



Moonzen stands for ‘door gods’ in Chinese, and the founders of the brewery are this lovely couple that was inspired by the ‘rich tapestry of Chinese folklore and rooted in Hong Kong culture’. Their nanobrewery was founded based on the passion and love for beer, with that, they sell their beers not only based on the taste, but also that they only use 4 ingredients in their beers – Water, Grains, Hops and Yeast; and because its local, the beers travel the shortest distance and preserve the best taste.

I was drawn to this booth because of how everyone was so friendly, so we’ve decided to try the Thunder God, mainly because we weren’t so sure what we would like to have, and he suggestted that if I like Ale, I would like Thunder God. I find this okay, not too special but certainly tastes very nice, I actually came back for another one before we left.

Then piggies unleashed their adventurous side and tried the Moon Goddess.  This is certainly one of a kind. Have you ever had chocolate and expresso and beer all together? yeah I haven’t until I had a sip of the Moon Goddess, it surprises me how it all blends well together and actually makes a pretty decent sweet beer!


As we walked along, we came up to British Spectaculars, again we were drawn to their booth mainly because of what they name their beers 😉


That Five AM Pale Ale has successfully knocked all the pale ales I’ve ever liked off my list, from now on I’ll probably order a keg at home.  It’s a perfect blend of bitterness and sweetness. It’s very malty and hoppy at the same time, for me I have never been a girl that likes bitter beers, or beers that are too malty, with this I find the hop-piness kind of covers the bitters that I don’t like. Certainly would give it a 4/5!

The Dead Pony Club, was crafted from an insane amount of Hops, with massive citrus aromas of lemongrass and lime zest (Rating 3.5/5), and in my opinion, lots of guys would prefer this over the Five AM Pale Ale.


So that’s about it for the drinks we had! Till next time. 🙂

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