Taste of Hong Kong

Taste of Hong Kong

What’s better than gathering all of Hong Kong’s hottest and finest restaurants in one place, catering all hungry foodies with mouth-watering dishes? Here, Foodie Piggies set foot onto the Central Harbourfront on the 12th of March at the first ever Hong Kong Taste Festival.


Ocean at Repulse Bay

Walking into this foodie wonderland had been a dream come true, we first stopped at The Ocean, a spectacular restaurant located near my home in Repulse Bay that sets a new standard to refined seaside dining, somehow I still haven’t checked it out despite the wonderful comments about their Sea-to-plate motto, and the pleasure of meeting their executive chef Agustin Balbi. We ordered two tasting dishes here:


House Smoked Red Snapper (Ratings: 3.5/5)


Albacore Tuna Tartare (Ratings 2/5)

The Red Snapper (on the left) served with Frisée, mayo, mushrooms radish, onions and citrus.  I personally find this perfectly seasoned and a great start to our food journey. Gave it a rating of 3.5/5, and I definitely look forward to trying it again in the Restaurant.

The Albacore Tuna Tartare came to be a disappointment, the presentation was impressive, I was wow-ed by their plating, the tartare was served with cucumber, mustard, crème fraîche and apple, however after a quick bite, we can’t decide if the combination was a modern extravaganza gone wrong, or that the flavours and texture simply just struggled to blend well together. We gave it a rating of 2/5 and may not try it again. The Ocean is still on my must-go list even after one disappointing dish, especially after meeting chef Agustin Balbi in person and seeing him at the Bosch show, I am dying to try out their mains at the restaurant!


Chef Agustin Balbi


by Chef Agustin Balbi


Chef Agustin Balbi

Aberdeen Street Social

We then wondered into Aberdeen Street Social, a well-known social venue that mainly serves modern British cuisine, opened by Michelin-Star Chef Jason Atherton.


Aberdeen Street Social


Egg and Black Truffle (Rating: 3.5/5)

This 63o Egg and Black Truffle served with trompette mushroom crumb and burnt butter potato was a delight to taste.  This is something that makes me miss England a bit more. We think it’s not too special, but the flavours and seasoning were spot-on, definitely something I would eat again when I visit the restaurant for Sunday Brunch!

Amber at Mandarin Oriental

Amber at  Mandarin Oriental was our next stop! I was so excited to try their famous Sea Urchin, there was too much suspense built up on instagram with so many pictures posted the day before, I had really high expectations and it was all worth the wait!


Hokkaido aka Sea Urchin (Rating: 4.5/5)


Fukuoka Oyster with Seaweed (Rating: 3/5)

The Hokkaido aka Sea Urchin, was served in a Lobster Jell-O, cauliflower, cavier and a cripspy Seaweed Waffle. I loved not only the presentation but freshness of the sea urchin, the cavier toppings and the whole package of flavours the lobster jello brings out.  Sweetness of the Sea Urchin might be slightly masked by the jello, but I think overall it tastes very nice, and definitely worth a 4.5/5 ratings!

We tried the Fukuoka Oyster with Seaweed next, it’s served with chopolata, potato and raw shallots slaw in tomato cloud.  I personally find the fishy taste of the oyster a bit enhanced in this dish and didn’t enjoy it as much, but the dish is simply too beautiful and deserve a 3/5 rating. Amber MO again is on my to-go list for sure after tasting these two lovely dishes.


Duddell’s, as many of you know, is very serious about their stylish interiors, pays full attention to art and of course do not disappoint when it comes to traditional dim sums. Here, we ordered three tasting dishes and a drink.


Abalone Puff (Rating 3.5/5)


Wild Mushroom Dumpling (Rating: 3/5)


Wagyu Beef with Wasabi Soy Sauce (Rating: 3/5)

The Abalone Puff is served with a minced chicken tart and abalone sauce glazed on the side, I’d say it’s very well put together for an abalone fan like me, and it’s quite special served on a tart!

The Trio of wild mushroom dumplings are served with salty duck egg yolk, the seasoning and taste of this is amazing despite the dish not being too special, but when I was tasting this, I thought this would make the perfect lazy sunday food.

Onto the Pan Fried M9 Wagyu Beef with wasabi soy sauce, again, the beef is very well-cooked, retained some juices, however I find the sauce was not as special and may be a bit too spicy for me.


I was more interested in their bar when Colin went to get me food, and whilst I was talking to the bartenders who were so attentive and nice to describe their drinks to me, I mentioned that I am a big Gin addict, and would love to try some of their classics, they introduced me their Shanghai Gin Fizz, which can be served warm!! I jumped onto this chance to have a hot drink as it was surprisingly windy that day in Central.  This drink tastes amazing, it’s like a Chinese version mulled wine, with a light touch of elegance.


Bibo was our final destination of the night.  Tasted last, but certainly was one of the best we’ve tasted all day! Even just looking at the pictures now makes me instantly want to head to Bibo for one.


As many of you know that the key to a good tartare is the quality of the beef, but seasoning is also very important.  Bibo has definitely nailed their seasoning of this dish, with an impeccable touch of the caviar layer of top, which perfectly rounds up the overall flavours.


Well that’s about all for the food we tasted!

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Catch you all later lovelies!



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