Butter London :: Sephora Haul

Butter London :: Sephora Haul

IMG_3057Ever since I came back to Hong Kong after graduation, I have been suffering from this beauty products withdrawal syndrome, because I can not get my hands on any of the UK products that I love using nor can I order them online, like Tarte cosmetics from Qvcuk.  And the common trend in Hong Kong is more towards Korean/Japanese dewy make up looks, which I personally like it a little more matte and there are…. just so, so many luxury brands in HK but not enough good in-betweens.

Shopping for make up and skincare products have been one major retail therapy I revert to during stressful times. (yes I know its bad), I am constantly on a look out for rising products, and following trial and errors, I have come to quite a few go-to brands that I cannot live without, but I am also open to trying many different brands, from drugstore products to high-end luxuries.  So when Sephora finally have their HK site launched I was glued to it from 10am till I got off work that day.


Butter London is a brand with lots and lots of colours, they are obsessed with unbridled creativity and self-expression, I would say they are an in-between high end make up products like Charlotte Tilbury to easy-to-get-your-hands-on drugstore products like Mabelline.

Butter London is dedicated to bringing their customers ‘high-fashion colour without compromise’, and in their formulas, they never add formadehyde, toluene ,phthalates or DBP to any of their products. So when I saw them on Sephora, I was instantly drawn to buying almost all of their products in one colour to try. (I didn’t don’t worry :] )

Their price range is actually alright considering most that I bought on Sephora was around (HKD$157-$180), so a teeny-bit more expensive than drugstore products and a lot cheaper than high end luxuries.

Product Review:


Butter London Iconoclast Mega Volume Lacquer Mascara (HKD$168)

I’ve always been a big fan of the Lancome Doll Eyes Mascara, this Iconoclast Mascara is quite similar to that, and considering that I’ve put only two coats on and it has instantly brightened up my eyes, I’d say I would definitely be using this much more often.

Moisture Matte Lipstick in shade Loved Up (HKD$180)


My usual go-to Lipsticks are always the Chanel Rouge Lip Shine, and I’ve always admired people who rocked in Matte Reds, hence I got a shade that is quite dark and tried it, maybe it’s the fact that I don’t normally use Matte Lipsticks that often, or maybe my lips are quite dry, I don’t find the formula as hydrating as I hoped it would be, and as it is Matte, it’s quite easy smudged around the edges, I had to fix it multiple times, not a great choice when you’re in a rush, but I do love the colour though! so eye-catching. I also love the packaging of this product, simple yet sophisticated.

Butter London Smoke Stick in shades Buzz Worthy and Night Shift (HKD$157)

These are amazing when you’re in a rush in the morning. I’ve used them again this morning on the way to work (yes on the way cos I woke up super late :P) and they haven’t smudged a bit! And since it’s been raining quite a lot in HK lately, I’d say I’ll keep these in my bag from now on so I can do some touch ups during the day. I would say considering the price, get yourself one for some quick makeup before work!

Iconoclast Eyeliner

This was given as a gift on top of all the products I ordered, I find the tip of the brush quite easy to control for precision, but the product itself smudges quite easily, and you need to let it dry before you do anything else, so again, not great when you’re in a rush! but I love how dark the colour it was, especially when most eyeliners aren’t exactly pitch black.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this! x


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