Omakase at Toritama Hong Kong

Omakase at Toritama Hong Kong

Ever since my first trip to Japan when I was eight, I have fallen head over heels in love with Yakitori skewers, one of my all-time favourite way to grill chicken.  As they are designed to be portable and convenient to eat, these bite size yummies are especially perfect for a date night!

Toritama is described as ‘Hong Kong’s most authentic neighbourhood Yakitori joint’ and I have been dying to try it for weeks!

We opted for the Toritama Omakase Menu with 12-skewers.  The menu is entirely up to the chef, and for an indecisive foodie (like me).

As I am not as adventurous, I have opted out for the chicken organs. But for those who are, please do try their organs menu, Toritama serves up to 28 parts of the chicken, and while I ate there, I can’t help appreciating the fact that they don’t waste food and found a way to serve almost the entire chicken.

While we waited for the skewers, we were served with a selection of crudités, a palate cleanser – some grated radish with quail egg and a salad.


1) Tsukune (Editted)

Tsukune – Chicken Meatballs

Tsukune was our first course, it is a soft meatball with some cartilages which adds a bit of a bite to the meat, this was definitely one of the best tsukune I have ever tasted by far, especially in comparison to a few weeks ago when I had Koko’s Tsukune.


2) Hagoita (Editted)

Hagoita – root of Chicken Tail

Then we were served with Hagoita, which is the tip of the chicken tail (coccyx), during this dinner, I have had a lot of fun looking at the back of their menus to see what part they are serving, while brushing up a bit on my japanese.  It was a pleasant surprise to find this Hagoita perfectly grilled, crispy and juicy at the same time with a perfect flavour.  At this point, I felt like I was in heaven.


3) Ginko nut (Editted)

Ginko Nut

4) Engawa -Chicken Rib (Editted)

Engawa – Chicken Rib

5) Peta - Thick Skin (Editted)

Peta – Chicken Thick Skin


The chef gave us some Ginko nut following the first two courses, then served us the Engawa, which is the chicken rib. Again, the chef did it justice when the white meat was sizzling with juiciness. The next course – Peta – chicken thick skin, in my opinion, this might be my favourite, I would appreciate it if its a little bit less oily, but aside from that, the crispiness is right on point!


6) Shishito - Japanese Green Peppers (Editted)

Shishito – Japanese Green Peppers


Hiza-gashira – Knee Gristle

8) Nagima (Chicken thigh with leeks) Editted

Nagima – Chicken Thigh with leeks


We then got some more vegetables and we were served with the Shishito (Japanese green peppers) and Namafu (gluten), the presentation was so cute! and the taste was impeccable. As a veggie lover, I think this course has just the right amount of greens, served alone or along with some chicken like the Nagima – chicken thighs with leeks, which was served after the Hiza-gashira – knee gristle, another one of my favorites. Who knew this knee gristle could surprise you and be the tastiest part of the chicken?



Furisode – Chicken Shoulder


11) Kubiri (lower thigh) Editted

Kaburi – Lower Thigh


Furisode (chicken shoulder) has a heavy meaty flavour and is comparatively way chewier to the other courses/white meat served before, personally I find it a bit too meaty for my personal liking,  but the following course Kaburi (lower thigh) was incredible, this again was white meat, but so perfectly cooked it retained the juiciness and served with sizzling yet crispy skin on top.


12) Teba (Chicken Wings)

Teba – Chicken Wings

Our last course is the Teba (Chicken Wings), I have read somewhere that the tebasaki is a telling indication of the chef’s mastery of the grill, as the wing is half cut off the bone to ensure an even cooking time and be super convenient to eat, Chef Hironobu Matsumoto definitely ended my course on a high note.  I would, if possible, order ten pieces of this if I wasn’t so full at that time. Definitely a must-try if you all are thinking of ordering a la carte.






All courses are served with rice and chicken soup and also the mitarashi ice cream! We ordered Grilled rice balls as well as the chicken egg rice! The Soysauce ice cream is a real taste extravaganza, who knows soy sauce and ice cream can be such a good mix? 

Must try:

I personally would say order the Tsukune, Hagoita, Hiza-gashiro and the chicken wing a la carte if you’re worried Omakase might be too full! But Toritama offers 7 or 10-courses aside from 12!


Amazing and friendly staff, and so helpful in explaining what parts were served while I was busy taking pictures! Spectacular chefs that make your stay very welcomed, and tummies very happy.





With buckets of love,




G/F, 2 Glenealy,


Hong Kong



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